The art

The idea behind the art is that every person is unique
and should have they're own piece of unique art.

Mostly based on fundamental shapes in many colors
that have a calming and easy going feel to them.

The work flow

The concept idea for the art is made in Illustrator,
as well as all components of the art.

Complex formulas are created for each artwork that create strings up to
200 characters long. Those strings are then put into a Database that
verifies them as unique and gives them a serial number.

Next we use the strings to load all the components together,
mark it with the serial number and get the print files ready.

The production

The art is printed in 30x40 cm.

For our white paper we use Munken Polar ID.

For our black paper we use Playcut

The art is printed on a HP Indigo digital press using
Electro Ink for maximum lightfastness.



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